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Corrosion Coupon monitoring program is important to identify the location, rate, and underlying cause of corrosion. It is can identify any non-conforming alloy componen. Corrosion coupon monitoring program can provide significant advantages when integrated into both preventive maintenance and the process inherent to safety management programs.

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2″Ladder Strip Corrosion Coupon

2″ Ladder Corrosion Coupon of various length and models for 2″ system corrosion monitoring

3″ Strip Corrosion Coupon

3″ Strip Corrosion Coupons model for 2“ System Corrosion Monitoring

3″Retractable strip coupon

3″ Retractable strip Corrosion Coupon for 1″ system corrosion monitoring 

3″ Scale Coupon

3″ Scale Coupons for 2″ system Corrosion Monitoring

3″ Retractable Scale Coupon

3″ Retractable Scale Coupons for 1” retractable systems

Multiple Disc Coupon Two-Inch System

Multiple disc coupon available for pipes with diameters of 6 “or more

Flush Disc Coupon Two Inch System

Flush disc coupon of various sizes and models for 2″ system corrosion monitoring

Rod Corrosion Coupon

Rod Corrosion Coupons standrd size is Ø ¼” x 3″ (Ø 6.3mm x 76.2mm) for 1″ systems corrosion monitoring
Material Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel

Coupon holder Corrosion coupon

2” System Coupon Holder is a mounting for corrosion coupon and scale coupon.

2″Access Fitting Body Corrosion Monitoring

A connection fitting with a solid plug or hollow plug, it carries the monitoring of internal corrosion or an injection device.

Coupon Insertion System Retractable

Retractable unit coupon insertion system commonly used in field and plants applications. A specially designed packaging gland is used to insert or retract a coupon from a pressure-stopped pressure system

HD Protective Cover Corrosion Monitoring

HD protective cover designed to protect the exposed threads on access fittings from mechanical damage, dust, dirt and moisture

Hollow Plug Assy

The Hollow Plug Assy is a key component to the high pressure Access Fitting assembly

Solid Plug Assy Corrosion Monitoring

Solid Plug Body are the internal parts of the Access Fittings which act as the seal of access fitting to maintain the line pressure as well as the retrievable carrier for holding the monitoring devices

Corrosion Coupon Rack

Applications: Cooling tower system, Closed loop cooling, Boiler water system, etc.

1 Pcs Corrosion Coupon consists of:

  1. Corrosion Coupon (AISI 1018 or others)
  2. Standard nylon insulator
  3. Serial number
  4. VCI cover / bag
  5. Envelope bag, silica and plastic bag

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